Hi, my name is Emily. Until a decade ago I was really suffering from the effects of arthritic pain in my fingers.

I do not like to be in pain.  Do you?

I experienced symptoms like: Soreness, stiffness, pain, swelling, the fingers felt they were burning. 

As a independent person I do not like to ask for help. Simple things like turning over pages in a book, or magazine I was no longer able to do.  I needed help to get dressed.  I was fearful and sad.  I thought that at age 50+ – with hopefully many good years still ahead of me – I was looking at becoming less and less able to cope with daily chores.

The doctors said that since I was over 50 that I had to accept these symptoms as part of the ageing process.  Needless to say, I was not happy with that remark.

And I had to resort to painful & expensive cortisone injections.

Then quite by accident, I came across a stretchy ring with integrated magnets and copper. See the ring hereThis ring design is best worn on the third, or middle, finger.  The other ring designs can be worn on all fingers including the third, or middle finger.

EmilyHandBefore  EmilyAfterHand

                                      BEFORE                                                                                             AFTER

And, within 5 days to my utter disbelief the pain was gone. Even then I thought it was just a Placebo effect but I decided to keep going with it, measuring my knuckles morning and night.

I wore my ring 24/7 except in the shower as it is not waterproof.

After 5-6 weeks I had 90% more flexibility in my fingers except my finger tips. My swollen knuckles were half the size. I had no pain or burning in my fingers anymore and felt overall better health wise.

I was so surprised but also relieved that I wanted to share my story and this incredible product.

Initially I was sceptical especially as there were no guarantees.   However, the women who showed me the ring challenged my thinking and stated three things:

  1. When you saw the Rheumatologist and got your first cortisone injection, you paid $186+ and there was no guarantee? But you still paid.
  2. You spend more than this $39 investment [cost of the ring] when you go out for dinner.
  3. Even if it doesn’t work for some reason [as there is a small percent of the population it won’t work for], you have a lovely piece of jewellery you can wear!

As the women had pointed out, I had nothing to lose. So I gave it a go.

EmilyHandBefore EmilyAfterHand

                                                       BEFORE                                                             AFTER

Even with swollen knuckles, because the rings are stretchy (and most are available in sizes 16mm-21mm) you can always remove your ring.  That doesn’t work with fixed rings.  It also helped to not trigger my anxiety by being able to easily remove my stretchy ring.

Quite a few ladies have come up to me at expos, and other events, expressing their sadness that they can no longer wear rings because of arthritis.  They were delighted that we can help them – that they are able to once again wear rings.  This is so important to their overall sense of wellness.  It makes them feel good, it makes them feel beautiful again.

I hear what you may be thinking…;

Is this for real? How do Magnets workLearn More here


Do you suffer from Arthritis as I did?

[Or any of the other ailments listed here; anxiety, migraine, headache, arthritis, painful joints, circulation problems, tennis elbow, skin diseases, sciatic & disc pain, (lower) back pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel]

What have you got to lose?

Be open to the possibility ….    Contact me on FB if you are ready to give it a go.

****Please do not wear magnets if fitted with a pacemaker, or other AIMD (Active Implantable Medical Device), and/or during pregnancy.