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Just An Insect Bite

As someone with osteo-arthritis – in index and middle finger on my right hand and in the index finger on my left hand - I have been both a fan and wearer of the flexible, stretchy ring designs for nearly a decade now. Last Sunday, during the long weekend, an insect must have bitten me whilst I was gardening. I did wear garden gloves. The following next, on Monday I noticed that my finger was i...
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Welcome to MaxxWell Australia. MaxxWell comes from putting the name of our beloved dog Maxx [pictured with me] & Wellness together. Read My Story for how Magnetic Wellness has helped me personally. We specialise in Magnetic Jewellery & Wellness Products, with a strong personal focus on Arthritis relief, pets and pet lovers. Our stylish range includes flexible rings & bracelets, n...
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