A holiday without the dogs?  I think NOT 🙂


Each year, when we go on our annual holiday – which coincides with our wedding anniversary, we travel to one of our favourite holiday destinations. Of course our dogs come along too.  We wouldn’t think of leaving them at home.

So we select our accommodation based on places where dogs are very welcome too.


For work we travel to our favourite pet friendly accommodation places from Melbourne, the Barrington Tops, Coffs Harbour, Murwillumbah to Noosa.

DoubleTree by Metropolitan is a pet-friendly hotel!

Because we feel blessed to have our three crazy dogs in our lives, we make sure that – whilst we travel by car – they travel in style.  We want them to be comfortable, feel safe and be safely housed whilst we travel along Australia’s eastern seaboard.


We have individual dog crates (also used as their holiday beds) which are not fixed to the car, so they are easily removable – configured to our dogs.  We have two big dogs and a little one.  All three are seasoned travellers from puppies to now seniors.  The main reason for going with crates is that we no longer have leads (and therefore no dogs) getting tangled up before we even leave the driveway.


For the road trip we pack an assortment of collapsible drinking bowls, rolls of kitchen paper towels, towels as soft bedding for the crates.  Plus towels are easy to wash whilst on holiday, multipurpose for use at the beach, river or around the pool.



Pet Friendly Accommodation I recommend:

Melbourne                         http://cliftonmews.com.au/

Barrington Tops              www.riverwooddowns.com.au

Coffs Harbour                    www.bonvillelodge.com.au

Murwillumbah                  www.attungapark.com.au

Noosa                                   www.lakeweybacottages.com