As someone with osteo-arthritis – in index and middle finger on my right hand and in the index finger on my left hand – I have been both a fan and wearer of the flexible, stretchy ring designs for nearly a decade now.

Last Sunday, during the long weekend, an insect must have bitten me whilst I was gardening. I did wear garden gloves. The following next, on Monday I noticed that my finger was itchy and that the knuckle was quite swollen. I tried to get my fixed wedding ring off but could not. This triggered my anxiety. I had to be very mindful and aware of my thoughts and my thought pattern for it not to escalate into a full-blown panic attack.

On Tuesday I went to see my GP and to my huge relief he was able to remove my wedding ring by cutting the ring off my finger.

Today, Wednesday, my finger and knuckle is still swollen. Now more than ever I am a big a fan of the flexible, stretchy ring designs. Despite my finger and knuckle still being swollen, I can still put on one of my stretchy rings and take it off without any effort, or pain. However, I will now wait for the swelling to go down before wearing a flexible, stretchy ring on my affected finger.

Whether you suffer from swollen fingers and/or knuckles due to OA, injury, insect bite etc. you too can wear these flexible, stretchy ring designs. No more undue stress, anxiety, pain, etc. not being able to take off your ring(s) yourself.

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