Life, be passionate about it! 🙂

Imagine how wonderful it feels to be able to write down occupation, relaxation and interests as one and the same whether it be a job or industry?


To work, to spend time and energy on what you can’t stop thinking about, is what gives you the fuel to get up, to be excited about the day ahead, to constantly tweek and improve things.  Well, after many years I am combining all these three elements into my biggest passions in life: my love for dogs and wellness.


Even as a youngster I was a passionate dog lover.  My love for dogs is one of the highlights of my (daily) life.   Simply I would not wish to imagine life without them.


How lucky am I that at age 55 to realise that the something I had been looking for was right under my nose?


I Combine these three into a business:

1) My occupation: distributor of wellness products for pets & pet lovers

2) For relaxation: being at home playing with our pets

3) Interests: searching for dog (related) products to benefit our pets & other pet lovers



So my three questions for you are:

1) What is your current occupation?  Does it fill you with passion?  What did you enjoy doing growing up?


2) What activities do you like to do when relaxing?


3) What are your main interests?  Ask yourself what do you love spending hours and hours on?


You might need a few stepping stones to get to combine all three.  Please persevere, and when you see an opportunity be brave and grab it.

Only you will have the answers to these questions inside of you.

Go on, don’t stop digging and keep exploring.  You might surprise yourself.