Recently we uprooted and moved interstate to a warmer climate for my health.


We left behind 25+ years in our first family home with lots of memories.


You see, Earlier this year we came across a wonderful opportunity to move/build our life northwards and forwards.  We weren’t planning to move so quickly, but the Universe clearly had a different plan for us.


We grabbed the opportunity and now I am researching and finding out about my new locale, new events, new markets etc.  The help and support I am getting is amazing.  Research is online, by listening to other stallholders, by talking to event organisers, and getting out of my comfort zone (I do not let my shyness fuel any attempt of usual self sabotage), reading local papers, flyers, by asking questions, by sending out emails, making phone calls.  These are just a few things I do in my research.


We focus on local pet, wellness and spiritual/psychic fairs.  This is predominantly to increase awareness of our products, hand out information and to raise our local profile.


I always stress that people need to do their own research, to go home and read our leaflets.  I never hurry nor push people to purchase.  I do not like it when others do that to me – I don’t do it to others.  Also, of importance is that people select, with my help when needed, the right product for them.  I will also say if a product selected is not, in my opinion, the right one or suitable for them.


For example, someone with arthritic fingers has selected a flexible ring with copper.  He/she however does never wear rings or he/she cannot be “bothered” or will forget to remove the ring whilst in water (washing hands).  Then I will say that they had better not purchase the ring, because it will null and void the warranty and the ring needs to be kept dry.  We all need to put our health first.  Once that decision is made then it is easier.


I love meeting people, especially 1 on 1 and listening to their story, their issues.  I love being of service, to hear how the product(s) are improving the quality of life of people.   How people don’t have to give up their job, their hobbies due to pain that was unbearable.

I have been on that road too.  I can once again read books and magazines.  However there was a time I could not turn over pages.


At the pet events we run the free water taste test.  We have two bowls: one filled with tap water, the other filled with tap water and a water magnet.  Dogs smell the water before they try it.  We let them decide which water they prefer (can you link to the leaflet re water magnet).


At wellness events we offer free magnetic mini massages (shoulders, neck and back).  We do the relaxing massage over clothes.  However we do check first that the recipient is not fitted with a pacemaker, is pregnant, etc.


At spiritual/psychic fairs we also offer the free massage.

At the same time, with help of friends, we have a revamped social media strategy, a new website was launched in July 2016 so that we can also build up online sales.


What is my motivation?  I love spending more time at home with our dogs, pottering around in the garden and just enjoying our new lifestyle.