I am passionate about wellness – whether it is physical, mental or emotional wellness.


Over the last decade I have had to deal with a lot of issues.  At times, rather unpleasant, sad things seemingly happened all at the same time.

As we all are faced with at times.

Whilst it was overwhelming it also gave me the opportunity to have a good look at myself, my life etc.

Reflection, insight or whatever term you prefer; I see now as a huge opportunity to learn, to grow and become a better self.


These days I direct my thoughts, my time and my energy to what is important to me. 

Businesswoman hands holding sign What is important to you

However, taking back one step, first I needed to be well enough physically.

That is why we recently moved to a warmer climate so I could focus on my lungs being healthier.


My three tips for Physical, Mental & Emotional wellness are:

1) being back at the gym, with a program my P/T is designing for me, targeting lung capacity, overall fitness with cardio and resistance training


2) regular visits to the local salt rooms, this helps clean and clear out my lungs and it is very relaxing.


3) learn to handle stress better.  Playing with our dogs, reading books, studying Reiki, anything to self improve and going forward.


My health is MY responsibility, and mine alone.

I am very appreciative of enjoying much better health now and into the future.


Emily Upthegrove & Maxx x