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Passionate about Pets

My passion for Wellness extends to my Pets.

We always have had pets in our family 🙂 Our current pack consists of Maxx, Ruby Kisses and Gucci.

Max_TRU6909 (2) Ruby_MaxxWellAustralia Gucci_MaxxWellAustralia

They are the reasons why I am so passionate about wellness for pets as well.

Our pets get to wear magnets for wellness, drink magnetised water and enjoy regular magnetic massages.


We try any new pet products in house before we release them to the market. 🙂

Our precious pooches Maxx, Ruby Kisses and Gucci mean the world to us. That is why we named the business after our (now) senior Vizsla Maxx. MaxxWell 🙂 Plus our pooches often feature in our flyers, our FB page, etc.

Maxx had a health scare late last year – we nearly lost him. To help him with his left hind leg issue, and his health generally, he now wears a waterproof harness with four magnets. These magnets may be boosting his immune system; they definitely improve his circulation by getting more oxygen in his blood stream – including his extremities. Additionally Maxx gets to enjoy regular massages with our massage magnet. He loves it!

Our youngest pooch Ruby Kisses is very reactive. To help with this, we have added a magnet charm to her collar. In addition, drinking magnetised water helps to take the edge off her reactiveness, her alertness. It does not change her beautiful, sweet personality. The combination of wearing the collar magnet and water magnet increases the effectiveness by a factor of ten.

All our dogs benefit from drinking magnetised water. The water magnet also keeps the drinking bowl cleaner, and the water fresher, for longer.

“After three weeks of drinking magnetised water Ruby Kisses was a lot calmer. I was able to get her attention in that split “nano second”. This allowed for more training and positive redirecting of her energy. Ruby Kisses, the entire pack and our family benefit from a calmer, more balanced dog.

We noticed that Maxx, Ruby Kisses and Gucci all prefer to drink from the bowl with the water magnet. Even if that means they have to walk into another room and/or part of the garden.

Why? The water magnet removes nasty hard chemicals from tap water. It also removes the unpleasant odours. We all know that the keen sense of smell of a dog’s nose is many times more sensitive than the human nose. So normal tap water might smell more unpleasant to your beloved pet than to us humans. No wonder that dogs prefer to drink rain water. Rain water tastes softer, smoother than “hard” tap water.

Magnetised water is similar to rain water. That is why the water magnet is so popular with with pets.

PetWaterPebble2283-1 WaterMagnet (2) (500x250)

*The Water Magnet can be used in our water cooler too!

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