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Anxiety Relief

Living my Passion

Recently we uprooted and moved interstate to a warmer climate for my health. We left behind 25+ years in our first family home with lots of memories. You see, Earlier this year we came across a wonderful opportunity to move/build our life northwards and forwards.  We weren't planning to move so quickly, but the Universe clearly had a different plan for us. We grabbed the opportunity ...
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Passionate about Wellness

I am passionate about wellness - whether it is physical, mental or emotional wellness. Over the last decade I have had to deal with a lot of issues.  At times, rather unpleasant, sad things seemingly happened all at the same time. As we all are faced with at times. Whilst it was overwhelming it also gave me the opportunity to have a good look at myself, my life etc. Reflection, insight ...
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How do Magnets work?

Magnets can stimulate circulation or regulate blood flow. More oxygen is generated around the cells and may support some people in pain and/or symptom relief. For example those suffering from Arthritis, Anxiety, Sciatica/Back pain, Migraines/Headaches etc There are many reasons blood flow can be affected, one such reason is where the blood cells stack on top of one another like rolls of coins – t...
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My Story

Hi, my name is Emily. Until a few years ago I was really suffering from the effects of arthritic pain in my fingers. I hate pain, don't you? I experienced symptoms like: Soreness, stiffness, pain, swelling, the fingers felt they were burning from the inside out.  As a very independent person I do not like to ask for help. Simple things like turning over pages in a book, or magazine I...
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About Us

I started MaxxWell Australia due to my own experience with Arthritis and the relief I found using Magnetic Jewellery. Gladly do I share my personal experience, my journey and findings with other unique people who are also passionate about natural wellness for themselves and their beloved pets. Originally sceptical, you can read my story here. Our business name is a combination of the name of our...
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