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Emily Upthegrove

Living my Passion

Recently we uprooted and moved interstate to a warmer climate for my health. We left behind 25+ years in our first family home with lots of memories. You see, Earlier this year we came across a wonderful opportunity to move/build our life northwards and forwards.  We weren't planning to move so quickly, but the Universe clearly had a different plan for us. We grabbed the oppor...
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Holidaying with Pets

A holiday without the dogs?  I think NOT :-) Each year, when we go on our annual holiday – which coincides with our wedding anniversary, we travel to one of our favourite holiday destinations. Of course our dogs come along too.  We wouldn’t think of leaving them at home. So we select our accommodation based on places where dogs are very welcome too. For work we travel to our favou...
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Exercise does wonderful things for you…

At 55 I do not consider myself as old or middle aged.  I feel young at heart and I am of the opinion that my age is merely a number. This allows me to work in, build up and strengthen my business. Going to the gym helps me to focus on what I need to do, in which order as it clears my mind.  I usually do 30 mins of cardio, 20 mins of resistance training and once a week I do 30 mins of cardio ...
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Life, Be Passionate about it!

Life, be passionate about it! :-) Imagine how wonderful it feels to be able to write down occupation, relaxation and interests as one and the same whether it be a job or industry? To work, to spend time and energy on what you can't stop thinking about, is what gives you the fuel to get up, to be excited about the day ahead, to constantly tweek and improve things.  Well, after many years ...
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Keeping Well..continued Part 4

Looking back, I must have been living on adrenaline for a long, long time. I was driven to be the best I could be that I nearly lost the essence of whom I was. I barely recognise myself these days.  I am definitely not the same person as I was 10 years ago. Life experiences have definitely changed me as some of the most stressful events of my life happened in the past decade.  I lost ...
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Keeping Well continued..Part 3

My lungs have had a bit of a workout in recent years with pneumonia and bronchiectasis. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, when I caught pneumonia for the third time, the GP threatened to admit me to hospital. I decided that I didn’t want to go to hospital. It reminded me of all the visits to my mum in hospital. It was about time that I took charge of my life.  I promised the GP that I would st...
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Keeping Well

Whether it due to the body ageing, a (reoccurring) injury or loss of flexibility, we can do something ourselves to help to stay fit and mobile. Having sciatica, arthritis, lung issues etc does not stop me from going to the gym. With the help of a P/T, I can be once again operate at my optimum health and wellness as long as I train within guidelines.  A program designed to target spec...
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Passionate about Wellness

MaxxWell BLOG Wellness
I am passionate about wellness - whether it is physical, mental or emotional wellness. Over the last decade I have had to deal with a lot of issues.  At times, rather unpleasant, sad things seemingly happened all at the same time. As we all are faced with at times. Whilst it was overwhelming it also gave me the opportunity to have a good look at myself, my life etc. Reflection, ins...
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Passionate about Pets

MaxxWell Blog Pets
My passion for Wellness extends to my Pets. We always have had pets in our family :-) Our current pack consists of Maxx, Ruby Kisses and Gucci. They are the reasons why I am so passionate about wellness for pets as well. Our pets get to wear magnets for wellness, drink magnetised water and enjoy regular magnetic massages. We try any new pet products in house before we release...
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How do Magnets work?

MaxxWell Blog Magnets
Magnets can stimulate circulation or regulate blood flow. More oxygen is generated around the cells and may support some people in pain and/or symptom relief. For example those suffering from Arthritis, Anxiety, Sciatica/Back pain, Migraines/Headaches etc There are many reasons blood flow can be affected, one such reason is where the blood cells stack on top of one another like rolls of coins –...
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