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Life, Be Passionate about it!

Life, be passionate about it! :-) Imagine how wonderful it feels to be able to write down occupation, relaxation and interests as one and the same whether it be a job or industry? To work, to spend time and energy on what you can't stop thinking about, is what gives you the fuel to get up, to be excited about the day ahead, to constantly tweek and improve things.  Well, after many years I...
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Keeping Well..continued Part 4

Looking back, I must have been living on adrenaline for a long, long time. I was driven to be the best I could be that I nearly lost the essence of whom I was. I barely recognise myself these days.  I am definitely not the same person as I was 10 years ago. Life experiences have definitely changed me as some of the most stressful events of my life happened in the past decade.  I los...
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How do Magnets work?

Magnets can stimulate circulation or regulate blood flow. More oxygen is generated around the cells and may support some people in pain and/or symptom relief. For example those suffering from Arthritis, Anxiety, Sciatica/Back pain, Migraines/Headaches etc There are many reasons blood flow can be affected, one such reason is where the blood cells stack on top of one another like rolls of coins – t...
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My Story

Hi, my name is Emily. Until a few years ago I was really suffering from the effects of arthritic pain in my fingers. I hate pain, don't you? I experienced symptoms like: Soreness, stiffness, pain, swelling, the fingers felt they were burning from the inside out.  As a very independent person I do not like to ask for help. Simple things like turning over pages in a book, or magazine I...
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About Us

I started MaxxWell Australia due to my own experience with Arthritis and the relief I found using Magnetic Jewellery. Gladly do I share my personal experience, my journey and findings with other unique people who are also passionate about natural wellness for themselves and their beloved pets. Originally sceptical, you can read my story here. Our business name is a combination of the name of our...
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